Take WordPress Further - Genesis FrameworkStudioPress is raising the price for their Pro Plus All-Theme Package on January 31, 2012. That means there is only a few days left to get the Genesis Framework, all 44 current theme designs, all future StudioPress Genesis theme designs, and all patches, updates, and forum support for a lifetime at this low price.

Plus if you use the coupon code “TEN” at checkout you can get an additional 10% off.

This is a great deal for developers and people with multiple websites because the license allows you to use these themes on an unlimited number of your sites or your client’s sites.

Get Genesis Pro Plus Now

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is a theme framework?
A theme framework is a concept in WordPress where all or most of the shared functionality of a theme is put in the ‘parent’ theme and all or most of the design aspects are put in the ‘child’ theme.

Why would I want a theme framework?
The benefit of separating the design from the functionality is that it allows you to upgrade one side without disturbing the other. For example, the parent theme with all/most of the functionality can be updated to fix bugs or add features without disturbing the appearance and customizations of the child theme and vice versa. This keeps your site consistent and secure with less work on your part.

What’s so great about Genesis?
Genesis is a state of the art parent theme framework with great search engine optimization, secure code, powerful menu options, automatic updates, and numerous handy features and functions that save you time.

What’s so great about StudioPress?
StudioPress is part of the Copyblogger media empire so you know it is stable, supported, and friendly. This company stands behind their products, consistently updates their framework and designs, offers excellent lifetime support, and has one of the best licensing deals in the business. When you buy their framework and themes you can use them on any number of websites and domains whether they are owned by you or your clients. As a designer, building on the Genesis framework saves hours of coding time and lets you concentrate on good design.

Get Genesis Pro Plus Now

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