A toast to the New Year with a very fine ale.Happy New Year! We want 2012 to be the year we all recognize our business and personal dreams.

It’s traditional to make resolutions at this time of year. Here are some of ours:

Everyday Value

Throughout 2012, NetFlint will continue to offer great service at remarkable values. Our regular prices on domain names, website hosting, email, ecommerce, and design packages will remain among the most competitive in the business.

Better Sales

In addition to our fantastic regular prices, we will work hard to bring you more promotions and communicate those offers better through Facebook, Twitter, and our blog. To kick off the New Year, we are offering the following discounts for a limited time:

Better Articles

2012 will see better articles at NetFlint.com. We will bring you news, articles, ideas, and assignments that will inform and motivate you to promote and expand your online presence. We’ll even spotlight and profile some of our favorite customers, resources, sites, and designers.

Stronger Community

This year we want to cultivate a stronger, more dynamic, more interactive community of individuals, groups, and businesses that want to succeed on the web. Talk to us. Leave comments. Let us know what you want to see or learn about. Ask us your questions. Tell us you opinions, tips, and tricks. Disagree with us if you want. As always, you can leave comments on any post or reach out to us privately by using our contact form.

What Are Your Resolutions for 2012? Let us know!

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